Can photovoltaics be installed on all roofs?

Photovoltaik, Jde namontovat fotovoltaika na střechu u všech domů?

Solar panels can be installed on almost all roofs, pitched and flat. However, older roofs that do not meet the safety requirements for load-bearing capacity or if the roof structure is infested with various moulds, etc. can be difficult. Then the whole PV installation can be complicated and risky. If you have an older roof, it is better not to inspect it beforehand and have it repaired if necessary. We do not install on eternit or cembrit roofs because of their brittleness and easy damage.
As for the ideal roof pitch, 35 degrees is best, but we generally install PV on roofs from 15 to 45 degrees. If a roof is not an option, another option is to place it on a wall or on the ground.

If you have any questions, our technical advisor will be happy to advise you.