On what principle does a heat pump work?

The whole principle is based on the laws of nature. Heat pumps take heat from around the building – from the air, ground or water. The temperature changes during the change of state – evaporation, where the change from liquid to gas takes place, and condensation – the change from gas to liquid. This whole […]

Household electricity consumption

Four-fifths of all energy consumed by Czech households is used for heating and hot water. The remainder is consumed for lighting, cooking, cooling and other uses. People mostly use purchased heat for heating, which heats over 1.7 million households. The second most common source is gas, which heats over 1.6 million households. Over the last […]

Frequently asked questions on photovoltaics

1. What is “Photovoltaics”, “PV” or photovoltaic power plant? A photovoltaic phenomenon converts sunlight into electricity. PV owners can generate their own energy independent of the grid, so there is no need to pay for it. 2. How long does the whole process of implementing a power plant take? The overall length of the process […]