Combination of heat pump and photovoltaics

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Want to save ASAP on your electricity bills?

Then the combination of heat pump and photovoltaics is the perfect way. Photovoltaics not only cover the consumption of your electrical equipment, but also power the heat pump, which then heats the water and warms the house.

During the summer you cover your energy consumption with photovoltaic generation and in winter you heat more economically with a heat pump. This combination will provide you with electricity most of the year thanks to solar energy.

And if you also opt for solar batteries, where excess energy can be stored, you can use free electricity even when the sun is not shining.

A heat pump can also be useful in an older house that is less well insulated. it obtains 1/3 of its energy from electricity and 2/3 from air. Energy consumption is significantly reduced. It is obvious that the better the insulation of the house, the more efficiently the heat pump works.

The photovoltaic system and the heat pump communicate with each other via an intelligent control system. They exchange information and use weather forecasts. Based on this information, it suggests the optimal energy consumption and decides when to heat the house or send excess energy to a storage tank to heat water, use various appliances in the house or charge an electric car via a charging station.

The packages include:


The monocrystalline photovoltaic panel from Canadian Solar

ECO line. 450 Wp power. State-of-the-art technology. 26 % higher efficiency compared to conventional panels. 12-year functional guarantee. 25-year performance guarantee. High reliability and performance.

Inverter Solax of the new generation

Three-phase hybrid inverter. Easy to install, high charging speed, heat resistant, converts direct current to alternating current. The result is grid-like energy that can be reused to power appliances in your home.

Heat pump FERIS

Heat pump

FPMI-EVI inverter air source heat pump, Panasonic compressor with additional injection. Models: -8.4 kW, 13 kW, 18 kW, 23 kW. Heating up to 65 °C, operation down to - 28 °C. EVI steam injection technology. Class A+++. The iFrost system. Application for remote control.

Advantages of photovoltaic power plants with heat pump: