iFeris – remote control

All FERIS heat pumps can be controlled remotely from mobile devices thanks to a modern app. It’s a very simple, intuitive and user-friendly control that even a technology beginner can master 🙂

How to distinguish the energy efficiency of the pump

The efficiency of a heat pump system is expressed as a coefficient of performance (CoP). The higher the CoP, the more efficient the system is and the less energy it consumes. The best way to help consumers choose a heat pump and to assess its energy efficiency is with energy stars. Red stars indicate heating […]

How to choose the right heat pump performance

Modern pumps are more powerful and can operate even at – 20ºC. The main advantages are maximum savings on electricity bills, safety, low maintenance and ecology. There are significant differences between the pumps such as its size, capacity and also power. Not all heat pumps are the same. In order to properly choose the size […]