Photovoltaic asphalt

Fotovoltacký asfalt

Photovoltaic asphalt News on photovoltaic energy includes energy-producing windows and photovoltaic asphalt. Without a question, one of the most environmentally friendly options for producing electricity at the time is photovoltaic energy. Photovoltaic power has grown even more in popularity than in the past thanks to numerous government incentives that are accessible to people and businesses. […]

Is it wise to leave the Heat Pump on during the all day and night?

Feris tepelné čerpadlo

Is it wise to leave the Heat Pump on during the all day and night? To avoid excessive energy waste, its better to switch it off if you don’t need it. We know that heat pumps are the most effective way to heat your home and to use electricity in winter time. But it is […]

Can photovoltaics be installed on all roofs?

Photovoltaik, Jde namontovat fotovoltaika na střechu u všech domů?

Solar panels can be installed on almost all roofs, pitched and flat. However, older roofs that do not meet the safety requirements for load-bearing capacity or if the roof structure is infested with various moulds, etc. can be difficult. Then the whole PV installation can be complicated and risky. If you have an older roof, […]

Frequently asked questions on photovoltaics

1. What is “Photovoltaics”, “PV” or photovoltaic power plant? A photovoltaic phenomenon converts sunlight into electricity. PV owners can generate their own energy independent of the grid, so there is no need to pay for it. 2. How long does the whole process of implementing a power plant take? The overall length of the process […]

On what principle does a heat pump work?

The whole principle is based on the laws of nature. Heat pumps take heat from around the building – from the air, ground or water. The temperature changes during the change of state – evaporation, where the change from liquid to gas takes place, and condensation – the change from gas to liquid. This whole […]

iFeris – remote control

All FERIS heat pumps can be controlled remotely from mobile devices thanks to a modern app. It’s a very simple, intuitive and user-friendly control that even a technology beginner can master 🙂

How to distinguish the energy efficiency of the pump

The efficiency of a heat pump system is expressed as a coefficient of performance (CoP). The higher the CoP, the more efficient the system is and the less energy it consumes. The best way to help consumers choose a heat pump and to assess its energy efficiency is with energy stars. Red stars indicate heating […]

How to choose the right heat pump performance

Modern pumps are more powerful and can operate even at – 20ºC. The main advantages are maximum savings on electricity bills, safety, low maintenance and ecology. There are significant differences between the pumps such as its size, capacity and also power. Not all heat pumps are the same. In order to properly choose the size […]